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Certificate Related Public Information

We disclose as much information as possible for our Certificates for the following reasons.

  • To make sure that we deliver the value of reducing greenhouse gases to our clients.
  • To prove that our clients are owners of Certificates issued from this site.
  • To provide more clarity to the generation process of Carbon Offsets.
  • Quicly identify potential problems

You can search the owners of Certificates issued from this Site.

You can search the Certificates issued from this Site.

List of Emission Credit Source Projects.


On what grounds are you issuing your certificates?

We first create a Certificate Source by retiring or cancelling high quality emission credits such as CERs(Certified Emission Reduction). We attribute a proportion of the Certificate Source as Certificates to users who purchase our products. You will see a more detailed explanation on the rules in our Terms and Conditions page.

Are you one of those providers who just issue certificates without processing emission credits?

No we are not. Different from most offset providers, our rules are to segregate (cancel/retire) the emission credits BEFORE we issue any certificates. This assures the security of the process of certificate issuance.

Do I have to disclose my real name if I purchase a certificate?

No. You will be asked to set a handle name which will be disclosed as the holder of the certificate. However you may set your real name or company name but please consider your privacy policy.